I’ve worked with Zarif on numerous occasions and each time he surprises me with how invested he is in my shoots. His attention to detail and his tendency to pick up on and assist with things outside of his responsibility never ceases to amaze me. Plus my dog loves him so I know he’s a good person. -Simone Kisiel, filmmaker and founder of Magic Dog Productions Zarif’s passion for photography is unmistakable and his energy is contagious. Creative exchange with him is always enthusiastic and he has a knack for making models feel instantly comfortable on set. A shoot with Zarif typically leads off of the beaten path. He has no qualms about getting into abandoned warehouses, or following an unused dirt trail deep in the woods to get to the perfect location for shooting – you never know where you’ll end up! Working with Zarif is always fun and always an adventure -Elle, make up artist, founder of NYC Make Up Zarif is very professional and makes all his subjects feel like major celebrities. -Chris Canty, Defensive End for the Baltimore Ravens Not only has Zarif done an amazing job shooting photos for my fashion blog, I also learn more about myself as blogger and how to improve my photos every time I shoot with him. -Vicky Sullivan, founder of Aspiring Socialite