Some of my work from Crashbox Theater’s latest production, Kitchen Sink Experiment(s) was featured in New York Theatre Review!

Got the chance to shoot renowned chef, Dmitry Rodov, in the west village today while on a fashion shoot with The Aspiring Socialite! They love him in Italy so much they made him a custom cappuccino machine made entirely of copper that kind of looks like a Dalek.

Apparently when fashion bloggers get together during fashion week one of the things they talk about and compliment is my photography! Here’s some shots from my latest collaboration featured on!

Congrats to Lee and his new fiance. I had the pleasure of documenting his surprise proposal at the Pier 25 Mini Golf course.

Here are a few preview shots of the fall fashion line I shot last week for Blue Grit – a tough new clothing line inspired by first responders and geared towards adventurers and crossfit enthusiasts!

I was hiking through the forests near Lake Ontario and after quite a while I stumbled out onto this sight – a completely empty amusement park. I don’t know if it was the time of day or time of year but it was absolutely chilling and made for such a powerful shot. It’s little surprises like this that always make me continue on my quest to find all the hidden gems this world has to offer.

Such an awesome time shooting on location with my creative team this week throughout New York's vast wilderness! So fun working with models Monica Rahman and Marissa Carpio and my hair and make up gals of Elle MUA NYC!

Most people point their cameras towards the light during golden hour but sometimes you get the best shots when you turn away.

Shooting promos for Citara Yoga last night and caught this little gem on the roof of City View Sports Club! I know of sun salutations but is there an inverse pose to say goodbye?

I was walking around Central Park the other day and I'm pretty sure I found the forest temple from the Legend of Zelda series.

Just finished a photo session with the very zen Jin Cho of Citra Yoga! Such a fun shoot!

Hired to shoot a session with DJ Body and the Body Babes in the FiDi to promote their charity event benefiting women in vocational programs. Such a talented bunch of ladies!

Got to shoot the lovely Simone Kisiel and her magic dog, Merlin, of Magic Dog Productions yesterday! Magic Dog is a wonderful production house centered on female empowerment in nontraditional roles and genres. Check them out at

Featured again on gizmodo! Here's an exercise in photo negatives gizmodo published this week!

Here's a picture of Chris Canty of the Baltimore Ravens with his favorite childhood book I shot during a literacy event for the Chris Canty Foundation earlier this week!

Shooting behind the scenes for NYC's Creative Mischief featured work! This is an inside look at the submission of Dr. Kamela Sethi and her work space where all the magic happens.

Shooting for the new Foodie app and came across this beautiful signage in Harlem. Instances like this are probably going to be why the app will trump existing apps like Yelp.

Spent the day out at Z Vape Station on Long Island doing some interior shots for the location. Kris Rhodes, one of the very knowledgeable staffers, showed me this trick:

Vapor tornadoes!